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1. We are only able to act on information and instructions received from you. You should not assume that we have knowledge of any factual matters. 

2. You agree that instructions for MyScottishAttorney will be taken from you and most, if not all, communications will be by electronic means via our website. You have satisfied yourself about any security issues. We do not offer, within the set prices, any face-to-face meetings. 

3. Any e-mails and other electronic communications will be deemed to be received within 24 hours of them being sent by us and will not normally be confirmed by ordinary post.   We shall also communicate, with any other party in a matter relative to you, by using electronic means.

4. If you give your initial instructions to us by any method covered by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations and are a “Consumer” as legally defined, you may have the right to withdraw your instructions, without charge, within 7 working days of your instructions. However, since this is a supply of services, we give notice, in terms of Regulation 8(3), that unless we agree otherwise, you will not be able to cancel the contract under Regulation 10 once the performance of the services has begun with your agreement. Also, if you have specifically instructed us to provide you with documentation within this period and then withdraw your instructions, you will still be liable to pay for the service.

5.The legal documents contained in this website are only valid within Scotland.

6. We accept no responsibility whatsoever to third parties.

7. Provided you follow the advice tendered by the site on signing formalities, we confirm that the documents produced by the site will be valid under the Law of Scotland. No responsibility will be undertaken by us unless valid payment has been received.

8. Notwithstanding the occupation of the former Managing Director of the operators and copyright owners nothing contained in this website constitutes and offer, express or implied of a Solicitor/client relationship.

9. Whilst every care has been taken in ensuring the accuracy of the information provided on this website, the information may become outdated due to changes in the law. However, we will do our best to ensure that the information is updated regularly to ensure it's accuracy. You should check our website regularly for updates.

10. Customers are required to check that the information they provide is correct before proceeding to payment. Where the customer has supplied incorrect information, the operators do not accept responsibility or offer refunds for incorrect documents.

11. The details on this site are intended for information only and are not intended to provide formal legal advice. The material is not to be treated as authoritative on any particular legal question and Confidential Legal Services Direct Limited does not accept liability for any loss or consequential loss, howsoever arising, occasioned as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting in any manner in reliance on the material on this site.

12. Copyright is claimed for this website and all upon it. You may printout but not amend any of the pages and must give recognition to MyScottishAttorney and to the operators. Ownership of all intellectual property upon this site is vested in Collette de Wert, whose registered office is 18, Viscount Gate, Bothwell, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G71 8SR Scotland.

13. The information is available only for personal use. It should not be copied, altered, modified, reproduced, transmitted, distributed, published or re-sold without the prior consent of Bruce de Wert. You may use the documents as many times as you wish subject to these terms.

14. The use of this website constitutes agreement to all the foregoing terms, conditions and disclaimers.

15. If you have any complaints please use our Feedback page to tell us all about it. The feedback form is very easy to use. It tells us what we are doing right as well as wrong so please use it! We will deal with your complaint promptly and, at the latest, within 5 days. You will find that we are fair, that it is the very nature of our website that all your information is kept confidential. We aim to resolve all complaints within a fortnight.

16. Your business with this company is confidential. We shall not disclose any information about your business without your permission, except when required to do so by law or where a public complaint has been made by you or on your behalf and we require to correct any misunderstandings. However, we may confirm matters that are on the public record without asking you. 
17. Unless you request otherwise in writing, we will retain details about you on computer, and may use these in future to advise you of changes in the law or services being offered by us which may be of interest to you. All such details remain confidential and will not be passed on to third parties except when we are required to do so by law. We only use cookies to facilitate the document assembly process.

18. Most complaints arise from a breakdown of communication or misunderstanding of instructions. If you do not understand a point which has been raised, or if it appears that any communication by us does not match either your understanding of facts or your instructions to us, please contact us immediately, in order that we may either explain the position or take your corrective instructions.

19. If you have any complaints you should direct these to Bruce de Wert. 

20. We are committed to constantly improving the quality of service to our clients. If you have any suggestions how we can do so, or if you have found some part of our service particularly useful, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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