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NEW - Coronavirus update

Arrangements can now be made for signing Powers of Attorney (PoA) by video conference.

As in the past, we recommend that you have your doctor sign off your Power of Attorney, in the usual way (to say that you are of sound mind) as they, mostly, do not charge (although some do).

If you cannot get your doctor to sign off your PoA, we can arrange for a Solicitor to do that (AND register your PoA).

For that there Is a charge of £199. This, however, includes the £85 that the OPG charges for registration. You would, normally, pay this yourself.

Accordingly, the total cost to you will be £298.

If you wish to proceed, this is the way:-

1. You make a PoA on here, in the usual way, and print it off.
2. You fill out the form here and pay the fee of £199. This includes the cost of £85 charged by the Office of Public Guardian (Scotland) for recording the document as well as the fee charged by MyScottishAttorney.
3. As a semi retired solicitor, I am employed by MyScottishAttorney and, as such, I shall call you to arrange a time for our appointment.
4. Once we can see each other, you show me that you have not signed the Power of Attorney.
5. Have a witness ready. That person should not be mentioned in the Power of Attorney.
6. I then interview you, as a semi retired solicitor, so that I can be reassured that I will be able to sign a certificate as follows:
i. I interviewed the granter immediately before he/she subscribed this power of attorney
ii. I am satisfied that, at the time this power of attorney was granted, the granter understood its nature and extent.

7. Assuming that I am, I shall ask you to sign the document in front of the witness.
8. I shall, then, ask the witness to sign the document.
9. I shall, then, ask you to show me the signed document.
10. Once this is done, I shall sign the certificate.
11. You then send that document in the post to MyScottishAttorney, 1, Royal Bank House, Victoria Place, Wick KW1 4AP.
12. When received, it is married up with my certificate and sent, electronically, to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).
13. It will then be sent to you by the OPG
14. If you need the PoA urgently, you must follow the instructions from the OPG which are to be found on this page What is a Power of Attorney


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